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Software Engineer II

Vacant position(s) at Optimizely (formerly Episerver) - Hanoi, Vietnam.
Position ID: #1174
Dept: Software Engineering
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Software Engineer II engineers display an ability to independently deliver on projects of moderate complexity, from design to production, with consistently high quality. They can plan and effectively break down their own work. They make steady, visible progress and communicate issues and unexpected changes to their team, quickly and clearly. They take on a more active role within their team by proactively giving code reviews, helping to define team priorities, identify places where quality best practices are not being followed, and offering feedback to their peers and their manager. They are cultivating a deepening knowledge of their technical or product area as well as a high-level understanding of adjacent product areas. Their solid understanding of Optimizely development practices, ability to write clean code, and accumulated product knowledge enables them to successfully onboard interns or new hires.

Job Responsibilities

  • Ownership of small epics or moderate-sized portions of larger epics within a single delivery team.
  • Solves problems of moderate complexity with high-quality, minimum viable solutions, from design to completion.
  • Able to investigate and deliver fixes for moderately complex bugs that may have no obvious solution.
  • Participates in the technical design process by carefully reading and providing feedback on design docs from their team or authoring their own design docs.
  • Provides high-accountability on-call support, if applicable to the team they are on.
  • Actively contributes to incident retrospectives, and process-related ceremonies and does their part to drive follow-up tasks to completion.
  • Participates in identifying operational metrics and building dashboards to measure these.

Knowledge and Experience

  • 2-5 years of experience as a software engineer.
  • Experience coding in an industry-standard language (e.g. Python, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Experience building, delivering, and maintaining services that comprise modern PaaS/SaaS products.
  • Experience with agile delivery workflows and modern software quality techniques like TDD, pair programming, etc.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science or engineering preferred) or equivalent work experience


  • Displaying Technical Expertise
  • Critical Thinking
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Demonstrating Initiative
  • Utilizing Feedback
Position ID: #1174
Dept: Software Engineering
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About Optimizely

Optimizely is focused on unlocking digital potential and we are the recognized category leader in Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and created the category for A/B Testing and experimentation software. We have incredible customers – isn’t that one of the most important aspects of looking for your next job? Optimizely has over 9,000 brands from global organizations such as Visa, Sky, Yamaha, Wall Street Journal to tech innovators like Atlassian, DocuSign, FitBit and Zillow.

Not only are we financially sound and growing but we have unicorn status: Exceeded $300M in revenue in 2020, is profitable already, and has all strategic options ahead of itself. Optimizely continues to invest and addresses a market opportunity north of $30 billion, providing significant personal career growth opportunities.

We are an inclusive culture with a global team of 1200+ people across the US, Europe, Australia, and Vietnam. We blend European and American business culture with emphasis on teamwork, inclusion, and moving fast. People make the difference!

If you are looking to work on the next generation of digital technologies in a fast-paced, hyper-growth environment, apply! We’re just getting started...


  • 5 working days /week with flexible working time and no overtime;
  • Annual luxury Kick-off vacation;
  • International, professional, creative working environment and talented teams
  • Onsite opportunities in Europe and US;
  • Common cultural-sportive- art Clubs and activities, sponsored and/or supported by the Company (Ex: Football, GYM, Swimming, Guitar, English…).
  • Powerful workstation: Core i7-9700, 16-32 GB RAM, 02 x QHD 2560x1440 monitors (2K resolution);
  • 100% official salary during the probation period, 13th month salary, annual salary raise;
  • 12 days of annual leave and 3 days of company holidays (New Year eve 31/12, Junteenth day 18/6, Work Anniversary)
  • Up to 03 extra paid-leave days per year
  • A free “Hacking day” per month for self-studying and researching any IT-related subjects;
  • Social, Health and Unemployed Insurance are based on 100% Gross salary and fully paid by Company;
  • Extra bonus at $ 60 per special occasions (Birthday, Labour Day, National Day, Solar New year, Lunar New Year);
  • Lunch allowance at $30 per month;
  • Baby allowance for a child under 03 years old is $ 12 per month;
  • AON Premium Healthcare Insurance package for employees and their children up to 18 years old.
  • Daily various foods, drink, and seasonal fresh fruits;