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Color Blender

Click here to view the instructions for usage.
  1. Enter two valid CSS color values in the Color 1 and Color 2 fields.

  2. Select the desired number of Midpoints you would like to generate.

  3. The palette will display the colors you entered, along with the requested number of midpoint colors. The corresponding color values will also be shown.

  4. Use the HEX mode or RGB mode buttons to switch between the two color value formats.

  5. Your valid inputs will be saved in the browser, so the next time you visit the page, your previous preferences will be displayed.

  6. The URL of the page will update with each change you make. You can share or bookmark the current colors, blend steps, and value format by using the updated URL.

  7. If you wish to use the Color Blender tool offline, you can simply view the page source and save it to your hard drive.