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Get Started

Quick start and guides for installing and running Optimizely CMS project.


  • Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code

  • .NET 6 SDK

  • SQL Server 2022 - Developer Edition
    You'll need an account with SQL Server Authentication enabled.


Install the Optimizely templates

dotnet new -i EPiServer.Templates

Install the Episerver CLI Tool

dotnet tool install EPiServer.Net.Cli --global --add-source ""

Create new Optimizely CMS website

Create a new folder named PreciseAlloy/PreciseAlloy.Web, open it in the command line, and run the following command: (Note the .Web suffix):

dotnet new epi-cms-empty --name "PreciseAlloy.Web" --force

This command will generate several files. Open the appsettings.Development.json file, delete the /ConnectionStrings block inside it, save it, and proceed to the next step.

Create new Optimizely CMS database

In the same folder, run the following command:

dotnet-episerver create-cms-database "PreciseAlloy.Web.csproj" -S . -U "sa" -P "password" -dn "alloy-episerver-cms"


-Sserver name
-Userver username
-Pserver password
-dndatabase name

Run the site

In the same folder, run the following command:

dotnet run

Open the site at https://localhost:5000. If everything is working correctly, you will be redirected to the registration page to create the first admin account.

CMS Login

Enter a username, email, and password, then click Create. You should see the Not Found page:

This localhost page can't be found

This is not an error; since we haven't created any pages yet, the site has nothing to display. Now go to https://localhost:5000/episerver/cms, where you should see the Optimizely CMS interface.