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Create New Project

Quick start and guides for creating new project based on Alloy Template.

Replace template names

  1. Clone Alloy template. If you already have it, clone a new one to new folder.
    DON'T use existing repo, for the reason that it might contains many files generated by build tools, which make the process slow and/or inaccurate.

  2. Switch to master branch.

  3. Open new-project.ps1 file, update the to values for each item inside replaces array.

  4. Open PowerShell, run following command:

    & ./new-project.ps1

Check file contents for remaining template names

  1. After the command executed successfully, open Notepad++.

  2. Go to Search Find in files..., or press Ctrl + Shift + F.

  3. Input following information:

    • Find what: precise|alloy
    • Replace with: (empty)
    • Directory: (the root folder of the repository)
    • Search mode: Regular expression (don't check matches new line)
  4. Press Find All. The Search results panel will appears.

  5. Please check that no files appear in the result list, except appsettings.Development.json file.